The “SORIG” Center was established in 2005 to study Tibetan Medicine and spread it in Latvia. “SORIG” is regularly visited by Tibetan Lamas who teach Tibetan yoga, teach meditation and healing. For those wishing to visit the holy places in the Himalayas, pilgrimages with experienced guides are organized.

Healers from Tibet, China, India conduct wellness programs and provide advice on the correct lifestyle and nutrition, make diagnostics by the pulse and appearance of a person. People in need of long-term treatment have the opportunity to go to the Himalayas, to Tibetan and Ayurvedic clinics.

In “SORIG” you can get psychological consultation, astrological forecast. The center’s specialists will draw up for you an individual nutritional chart and health restoration program.

In cooperation with the Peace Stupa Charitable Foundation, the Peace Pagoda is being built in Latvia, the construction of which began in 2008.